The 7th China-Korea-Japan Business Summit Held in Chengdu

Editor:管理员      Date:2020-01-03      Hit:1393
The 7th China-Korea-Japan Business Summit was held in Chengdu on December 24. This summit is an important side event of the 8th Trilateral Summit Meeting among the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and Japan, and an important economic and trade activity on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of China-Japan-Korea cooperation.
Gao Yan, CCPIT Chairperson, Park Yong-maan, Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), Nobuyuki Koga, Chairman of the Board of Councilors of the Japan Business Federation, and Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee attended and addressed the plenary session.
Gao Yan said, “China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea have their own advantages and broad prospects for cooperation. The Belt and Road Initiative will provide more opportunities for cooperation among the three countries. We will support enterprises of the three sides in jointly opening up fourth-party or even multi-party markets in accordance with the principle of marketization, by making use of their respective advantages and avoiding vicious competition, and through the cooperation mode of ‘China-Japan-Korea+X.’”
“At the same time, South Korean and Japanese companies are welcomed to expand their investment in China, especially in the central and western regions. I hope that all entrepreneurs can make full use of this opportunity to conduct in-depth exchanges on future cooperation and achieve pragmatic results,” she added.
Park Yong-maan said, “The summit on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of China-Japan-Korea cooperation is of great significance. China will officially implement the Foreign Investment Law next year and provide foreign companies in China with the same treatment as Chinese companies. Such laws and measures are welcomed by Korean enterprises and they are eager to enter the Chinese market.”
Nobuyuki Koga said, “We should strengthen cooperation to jointly achieve innovation in areas including environment, energy and medical care to address social issues. The topics of this summit are closely linked to technology and innovation, environment and health, and I hope that the business community can help promote the further development of China-Japan-Korea cooperation.”
Peng Qinghua said, “Now China-Japan-Korea cooperation is seeing increasing political mutual trust and broader consensus on cooperation. The summit further lays a solid foundation for the friendly cooperation between the three sides and offers opportunities for Sichuan Province to deepen exchanges and cooperation with Korea and Japan.”
“We look forward to seeing entrepreneurs to invest and start business in Sichuan, make new achievements in industrial cooperation, financial services, technological innovation, and cultural tourism development,” he added.
Discussions focusing on “Science and technology lead cooperation, innovation promotes development” and “Green life, healthy development” were carried out after the plenary session. Representatives of leading enterprises from the three countries including MEGVII, SK, Mizuho Financial Group, DiDi, Korea Health Industry Development Institute and Mitsubishi Corporation discussed the new trends, ideas and directions of science and technology cooperation and built consensus on future cooperation.
Representatives agreed that China-Japan-Korea cooperation has broad prospects. It is necessary to share successful experiences, innovate cooperation models, strengthen industry-university-research cooperation in digital economy, smart cities, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, green industries and other fields, and build the industry chain, value chain, and innovation chain in which we all participate in and from which we all benefit to achieve win-win results and common development. Representatives of the trade promotion organizations and business associations of the three sides said that they will strengthen research and studies, deepen communication, jointly build cooperation platforms and improve services to bring China-Japan-Korea economic and trade cooperation to a new level.
The 7th China-Korea-Japan Business Summit was co-hosted by CCPIT, the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and the Japan Business Federation. It is an important side event of the 8th Trilateral Summit Meeting among the People's Republic of China, the Republic Of Korea and Japan to provide a platform for communication, match-making and mutual benefits for business communities of the three sides. More than 800 representatives from governments, business associations and enterprises from the three countries attended the summit. The summit also issued the The Seventh China-Korea-Japan Business Summit Joint Statement, highlighting the importance of technological innovation and win-win cooperation, expressing the voice of the business communities of the three sides in supporting multilateral trading system and opposing unilateralism and protectionism, emphasizing further promoting regional economic integration, and putting forward suggestions on enhancing cooperation in key areas such as technological innovation, environmental protection, health care and finance.
(Source: CCPIT)