Introduction to CCPIT-Tianjin

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Tianjin sub-Council (CCPITTJ) is a government sponsored, internationally-oriented economic and trade promotion institution with a membership comprising government departments at municipal, district and county levels representing the economic and trade sectors in Tianjin, an international port city and economic center in north China.

Aiming to promote international trade and investment, international economic and technological cooperation, corporate management and marketing in line with the international practices, CCPITTJ has played an important role in serving the public since its founding in 1963.

● Promotion and establishment of cooperative relations with overseas chambers of commerce, economic and trade promotion institutions and business associations; 
● Recommendation of business partners and provision of business information and consultation services to enterprises and economic institutions both at home and abroad;
● Invitation, organization and host for inbound and outbound business visiting personage/groups;
● Exhibition sponsorship and event management;
● Organization of international seminars and conferences;
● The authentication, presentation and issue of certificates of origin, certificates of force majeure, certificates for foreign trade and shipping/transportation documents to export-oriented enterprises;
● Agency service in patent/trademark registration, transfer or validity extension to domestic and foreign companies;
● Agency service in consultation, mediation, arbitration and litigation to companies involved in international economic and trade disputes;
● Human resource service and training;
● Guidance on the operation of Tianjin International Chamber of Commerce, CCPIT branch councils and professional sub-councils;
● Other relevant services for economic and trade promotion.

▲ 50 years of quality service to local and international enterprises;
▲ Partnership with economic and trade organizations from nearly 100 countries and regions in the world;
▲ Networking with over 50 sub-councils, 600 branch councils and 20 professional sub-councils nationwide;
▲ a professional team that specializes in international liaison, membership services, exhibitions, consultation, legal support and foreign languages. 

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Tianjin sub-Council (CCPITTJ) 
China Chamber of International Commerce Tianjin Chamber of Commerce (CCOICTJ)
Tianjin World Trade Center
CCPITTJ Convention & Exhibition Center 
CCPITTJ Overseas Business Center
CCPITTJ Trade Service Center
CCPITTJ Commercial Legal Counseling and complaining Center